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We had occasional problems over the weekend with accessing our shopping cart on the website. If you were on line while those problems were happening, they are now fixed!

The calendar sales are off to a brisk start. Remember, we are offering a discount of $5.00 off the publisher’s price
PLUS when you buy from the website directly you are actually supporting Jeff’s ability to continue photographing beautiful men! So visit the website today… order one for yourself and maybe one or two as gifts!


Also, there is only one copy remaining of the special offer very unique hard-cover book. Click on the Special Offers link from the main page or the drop down menus…

While you’re on the website take a minute to look at the books, posters, and cards selections as well!

Have a great day.

for jeffpalmer.com


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It’s that time of the year again!

Time to order your 2014 Jeff Palmer Calendar for your home and for holiday gifts. (I know, I know… the holidays seem forever away! But they’ll be here before we know it!)

Once again this year we are offering a discount when you buy directly from us — save $5.00 on each calendar ordered. You pay just $19.99. Designed to better feature the beautiful and sensual black and white images by photographer Jeff Palmer, the 2014 calendar is 11 3/4 by 16 3/4– large fine art images that will take center stage in your home or office!

Also be sure to check the VERY LIMITED special offer on a 160 page hard-cover book that features a few of Jeff’s very unique images. There are just three copies of the book available… follow the link to the Special Offer page from the What’s New page at jeffpalmer.com

Also be sure to see the images of Jeff’s latest handsome model – Franceso – on the Recent Shoots page. Be careful, he could steal your heart!

Help us get the word out about the calendars… post something on your Facebook page, tell your friends, pass this email along. It all helps!

Thank you very much.



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